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    Don’t sit in jail one moment longer than necessary. When it comes to bail bonding we won’t waste your time. We provide fast bail bonding service and walk with you through the whole process.
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What Steps to Take

If you find that a loved one is being held in jail, our guide is a must-read.

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Our agents care and we know the best we can do for you is to make things easy.

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Save time and get your bail posted early. Get started now by filing out our bail forms online.

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Bail Bondsmen

Bail-BondsmenBail Bondmen post bail for people accused of crimes in exchange for a fee. He or she must have great people skills and have good discernment. They must also understand real estate (whether a good risk or not and depending on the market), have a grasp on the law and know how to make wise decisions. When you are in trouble with the law, either by intent or unfortunate circumstances, a bail bondsman is your best friend.

People who are presumed innocent but cannot make bail on their own pay an outsider a nonrefundable fee for their freedom. This is when you need the expertise of a bail bondsman. Generally a bail bondsman will charge 10-15% for his services. In almost all cases he will require personal collateral to insure your freedom. If you don’t own a home or a car, boat or have other assets, you may request help from a friend or family member who does have assets.

As a defendant and needing the services of a bail bondsman, you essentially enter into a contract with him, when he covers your bail. You, a family member or a friend must co-sign on the bond, which states that upon your release, you promise to make all court appearances until the court legally declares that the case has concluded.

If a defendant fails to make a single appearance, it is the responsibility of the bail agent to return the defendant back into custody. However, if the defendant does not show up to court for any reason whatsoever and is not remanded, the bail agent becomes responsible for the full amount of the bond.

Bail bondsmen are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are professionals who know their business well and will keep you from having to stay in jail until the court decides the outcome of your case.

Extending Throughout Southeast North Carolina, Oxford Bail Bonds in Wilmington, services Brunswick, New Hanover, Duplin, Pender and Onslow Counties. We are also able to post bonds outside the North Carolina area. Call now at 910-616-8774 for more information.